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Arden Kelly is an ardent theatre director based in the US.

The Work

   The Work    

Contract Fully Executed

Written by Argentine playwright, Claudio Regis and performed by Leslie Gonzalez Gray and Joe Fisher, this thought-provoking dark comedy, tells the tale of a sales promoter who sells a highly unusual service.   


This site-specific play was one of five original works by Hispanic playwrights, performed in the historic Goodwood Museum and Gardens, Carriage House. 

July 2022

5th Micro Theater Festival

Tallahassee Hispanic Theater


Arden Kelly in action/reaction

Leslie Gonzalez Gray & Joe Fisher

Opening Night!

The Land of Jauja & Jinxed

Presented by TWAM (Theater with a Mission,) these delightful entremeses were written during the Spanish Golden Age, by Lope de Rueda and by Jeronimo de Cancer, respectively.  Prof. Jason Yancey brings us a modern translation.  

Played by a group of theatrical clowns and directed in the style of Italian Commedia and French Bouffon, in order to bring these tales to the present.  


Our players include: Carolina Merida, Sonia Guerra/Bohemian Babushka, Drew Keck, Tiffany Canseco, Joe Fisher and Dominique Larrea.  Our choreographer/clown is A. Thomas Cavano and stage manager Cassie Sessler.   Produced by TWAM.

Mini-tour in March 2022

March 26, 2022

Inaugural Tallahassee History Festival

306 S Duval St. 

Downtown Tallahassee, FL

March 20, 2022

4th Annual International Festival

The Landing

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

March 6, 2022

Loco for Love Festival

Railroad Square Arts District

Tallahassee, FL

Tiffany Canseco & Carolina Merida

Sonia Guerra, Carolina Merida & Drew Keck

Sonia Guerra, Drew Keck, Joe Fisher & Carolina Merida

Bone Deep

This play with live music is set in the Parisian catacombs and charts a young woman's annual search for her love, who was lost in the tunnels years before. It's sensitive, a little bit silly, with elements of the supernatural.

Our all-female and one male team of creatives come from all over the world: playwright/lyricist Lois Zoppi, composer/pianist Sarah Weiler, director/producer Arden Kelly,

SM & lighting/sound designer Natalia Kheldouni, set/costume designer Becca White, and our two brilliant performers Regev Amit & Sarah Johnson!

Camden Fringe @ The Etcetera Theatre


2-6 August 9:30pm to 10:30pm

3 August BSL Interpreted

Please like, share & follow!  See you in August!


Regev Amit plays FREDDY


Sarah Johnson plays ANTONIA



Florida for Sale

Theater with a Mission brings this historical stage to screen telling of the signing of the Florida Treaty.  This site specific project was rehearsed and filmed in the main house of the Goodwood (Plantation) Museum and Gardens. 

Dr. Ben Gunter pictured, wrote this work and plays then Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, with his 'quite a character' wife Louisa Catherine Adams, played by Idy Codington.    

March 2021

LOCO FOR LOVE Virtual Festival 


Bone Deep

This quiet and arresting audio play is experienced by Freddy who is looking to celebrate her girlfriend's birthday in the catacombs of Paris.  


Bone Deep was written by emerging playwright Lois Zoppi, with originally composed music by Richard Adam Lewis.  Regev Amit plays Freddy & I play Antonia, as well as direct this beautiful story.  


April 2021

Essex, UK   

enhanced skull pic.jpg

When You Step I Fall

Presented at the Thanet Youth & Community Centre in London. This site specific, interactive, devised work, incorporated movement and verbatim theatre, with an original song I wrote and performed.


This collaboration of directors and designers, centered around domestic physical and sexual abuse experienced and endured by women in the broad sense and specifically the experiences of Artemisia, Christine Keeler, and Virginia Roberts.

Jan 2020

London, UK

thanet pic.jpg

The Plight of...

This short but poignant, devised work shown at the Joan Littlewood Theatre, presented the many different ways people who are homeless are cared for around the world. 


This multi-lingual work, based on a variety of fables, incorporated kinesthetic movement.  

December 2019

Essex, UK

The Flight of.._

CLUE: The Musical

Based on the board game, CLUE: The Musical is an interactive whodunnit, presented by MADCO. The audience guesses who murdered Mr. Boddy, where in his mansion and with what instrument.


March 2019

Monticello Opera House, FL USA

Mrs. Peacock & Col. Mustard

Prof. Plum & The Detective

Ms. White

About Me

 About Me

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  As a graduate of The Juilliard School, I earned my BFA in Acting.  After which, I was a professional actor/singer/dancer in NYC and LA.  Now, I've gathered my skills and experience to become an ardent theatre director!


In the UK, I earned my MFA in Theatre Directing from East 15/University of Essex, graduating with Distinction!

As a director, I embrace color-conscious casting and approach directing as a facilitator/collaborator, in order to mine the best artistry from/with the creative collaborators.  I enjoy reimagining the classics, working with new playwrights with new perspectives and exploring how technology can change the way we experience theatre.  I will continue to explore ways to open up the accessibility of theatre for the artist and audience. 

As an educator, I adapt to the needs of each student and take time to offer assistance in person and online, as well as encourage students to share their ideas and participate in class.

IMG_5794 (4).jpg

Rehearsal for Loco 4 Love

Blue to Cream Gradient


Florida, USA 

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